Friday, October 9, 2009

PIFF Listed NOW!!

Free Set of Dish Towels and Magnet Set

But there is a catch: in the Spirit of Giving you must gift this to someone (friend/family/neighbor

After "purchasing" please convo me with what you plan to do to Pay it Forward so I can share it with the readers here.

If you would like to participate next Friday, please leave a comment. You can feature it on your blog (and I will link) or on mine.

As always, thanks to JewelrybyTara for the sudden inspiration last night!!


Jess said...

Thanks SO much for the PIF! I could really use some dishtowels and the magnets are lovely! What a way to brighten up a Friday. I have to write a paper all day, so this really started my day off on a good note.

In return I have listed a PIF in my Etsy shop-too. It is a set of flower hair clips.

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