Thursday, October 1, 2009

Housewarming Gift Basket for Auction

1445My husband is sponsoring a gift basket for the Adam’s Christian School Auction on behalf of RE/MAX Lifestyles. He wanted me to make something that would tie in a little with what he does. Since most of his days are filled with finding new homes for others, I thought housewarming would do the trick.

I used the pattern from my Amy Butler “INStitches” pattern book for the reversible placemats and cloth napkins. I also did a set of 4 heat resistant pot holders, set of 4 embellished microfiber kitchen towels, a hostess apron, and table centerpiece.

The auction is in a couple weeks, so I will have to let you know how much money it raised!

 table setting13 14 8


StarsandRobots said...

I love it! your husband is a lucky guy, and I bet all his freinds know it! Such a cute idea! (and actually useful, great tie in with his work!)

Christina said...

I love these! So well coordinated!

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

Your stuff is GORGEOUS! I love all the fabrics together!

Emily Claire said...

How beautiful! You are so talented :)

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