Thursday, February 25, 2010

Treat Bags:

I decided to share this so I needed to find my source since this was not my idea (most aren't!) This is from Craftzine Blog and I get daily emails from them with ideas of this and that. At the end of January I saw this idea for Treat bags from a Tablecloth. Glanced, filed (in my email folder as well as my brain) and forgot... until... I needed something for Valetine's Day at Preschool. Never did look up the article again, just went from memory. Well, today when I looked it up you would never guess... I picked the exact same tablecloth from Target as the one in the sample! Anyway, Here is the Craftzine Link that also links to the idea owner's blog as well!

On the blog above there are directions. I did it a little differently. I cut out a square and folded it in half and sewed the bottom and one side. Then I sewed the corning in a triangle shape from he inside (i have no idea what it is called) so it had a bottom. also, to save time, I cut the squares out of the tablecloth using the edges as the tops so I would not have to finish the edges and no velcro here! ( I used one tablecloth and only the edges and got 14 treat sized bags out of it)

I added Felt letters to each of the bags and felt heart to the teacher's bags. Spray adhesive works wondering for cutting out time when it came to attaching all the letters but I have not yet found a faster way to cut out all the letters. . A hit indeed. Do you know?? Walmart has Easter Tableclothes now for $5 each and really cute. I had to restrain myself from buying them for no reason just becuase I had a good idea!
So I bet you are wondering what we filled it with?? First we made Heart shaped sugar cookies frosted pink with sprinkles that we (me and matthew) put in ziplocks and they went into the bottom. We added a pencil (12/$1 at the Dollar Store - Conversation Hearts on them - When Matthew got home he said they were no good becuase "everybody" brought them! {that Dollar Store is within walking distance of preschool so I am not suprised!}) Also added Valentine's that I got last year on clearance after Valentine's Day. (after looking around this year, it probably wasn't worth storing them all year, they are pretty cheap:)

Super Fun and easy sewing project. You could even use these (maybe a little larger) as reusable lunch bags.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tons of new stuff!!

I just finished a few Baby Doll Hooded Towels in really cute heart prints as well as the kitchen sets that I have been wanting to do for a looooong time! Enjoy. As always, Everything, and a bunch more, can be found in my shop.
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