Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What Can Storque Do For You?

Very Unexpectedly I was featured in the Etsy Finds Storque Article  and it was about a third of the way down so not even front and center. storqueThese are the towels and the photo that was in the article (one of my favorites – and a new product that I just started making) heartstowel So here is how it impacted my shop. Below is a screen shot of Craftopolis. The first day I got over 4000 page views – up from 300-500 a day. The next three days I noticed an increase as well. Not to mention the incredible amount of new shop hearts!!!craftopolisThis is Google Analytics – COOL! 975 Visits the first day.  GA So far this is the stats on the actual listing : 209 hearts!! I don’t think I have ever had over 15 on a single item before.heartsAs for sales – I am shipping to Brazil, Puerto Rico and Italy this week. My total items that I have sold in the last week is approaching 60!!!

I don’t count on Etsy to bring traffic to my shop but when they do – it is AMAZING.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Nephew!!!

Diaper Bag Gift Set for new little Zachary Eric - still waiting on some fabric for a bib (first attempt alert so we will have to see!)
Personalized Bath Towel (First time - used towels for the letters too!)
Appliqued Burp Cloth
My first appliqued Onsie!!
Wipe/Diaper Holder (first time too - but obviously not very hard!)

Monday, June 14, 2010

SO....Who let the cat out of the bag???

Well, some one must have let the cat out of the bag about me selling Kitchen Towels because all of a sudden I have had a bunch of orders YEAH!!! I just LOVE making them and enjoy the change of pace from the bath towels. Here are all the ones that I sent out today (plus two more that I just packaged) Super Duper THANKS to all of my Etsy Customers!!!!

Oh, and I can't let you go without showing you my NEW set of towels that are (yup, you guess it!) PERSONALIZED!!! and using my newest Michael Miller Fabric TEA.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Products

Well, I have been a super duper busy beaver lately and besides all of the hooded towels and beach towels here are a few more things that I have been working on. I LOVE the new Michael Miller fabric - So boyish with the trucks and all. A recent shopping trip to JoAnn's got me the lemon fabric which I instantly fell in love with - so bright and summery!! My newest towel "thing" is the huge name applique - I started them just for my kids and then the swim teacher wanted some and then her neighbor etc. etc. so I decided to list them in my shop. I enjoy making them because I like to sew so it is a nice change from the embroidery (plus I can do it at the same time as the embroidery machine is going!) Well - enjoy these summer days!!

Forum Find ~~~~ Cloud Love Baby

Eco Friendly Reusable Baby Wipes with Wetbag from Cloud Love Baby

Are not these super cute!!! Here is what she has to say...

5 gorgeously soft bamboo velour baby wipes, backed with gorgeous Amy Butler designer fabric, perfectly housed in a super cute, wallet sized wet bag. Simple and stylish for adventures out and about, perfect for wiping little faces, little hands and little bottoms.

A great alternative to disposable baby wipes, laden with undesirable ingredients.

These wipes, with their own wet bag, evolved after many a frustrating morning trying to get out the door in a hurry. It usually went something like this - grab some nappies, load up the car, then run back for some wipes and then check the change table, nappy bag or line for a clean and dry wet bag to put them in that didn’t take up the entire nappy bag. This waterproof wallet with 5 coordinating wipes is the perfect compact and stylish solution.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Facebook Ad

It is right on the side - it say I like it but On new pages it gives the option to click "Like" - so that's what it looks like on a FB Page.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Beach Towel Giveaway!!!

Check out my giveaway at Once Upon a Miracle!! Rachel from Once Upon a Miracle just got a hooded towel from my shop and wanted to do a giveaway to her readers!!!
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