Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Something a little more interesting than towels!

wall dero fairyI was browsing around the Etsy forums again and was drawn in by this cute avatar so I clicked and this is what I found!! Super super cute kids wall decor. Va*Da Velle Kid’s Wall Art & More has the cutest most professional wall art I have seen! Here is what she says in her profile:

wall decor“I am a mom of three adorable kids, 2 girls( 7 and 2 ) and a gorgeous little baby boy! I also have a wonderful husband who understands my “craziness” in being a passionate, crafty mom. I love to sew, paint, knit, design, and I’m always trying to create something new and fun!”

*sounds a lot like me (ok maybe I just have the crazy part)wall deor emma

  wall decor frogSo, cute right? Go check out her shop and her Facebook page.  (and Twitter if you are so inclined)


Designer Decor said...

I found her shop earlier today. It is so cute! I think I'm going to feature her on my blog too!

Julieta said...

You made my day. Thank you so much for featured my store "VaDaVelle" in your blog today. I’m so happy YAY…....

Steph said...

that shop is so adorable...I wish I was a kid again:)

Patsy said...

Thanks for the great link!! I love visiting your blog because of the wonderful projects and sharing with others. Thanks.

Leave a Legacy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. How are you doing with Etsy? I'm enjoying it even though I haven't sold anything yet.
Your things are really cute.

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