Monday, October 26, 2009


ecocreations bannerWelcome Courtney and Stacey from Eco Creations!! Here is a little bit about their work:Elliptic - Recycled Chestnut Drop Earrings

Here at Eco Creations green living is not just a fad. All of my designs are inspired by nature and I pride myself on the fact that all of our materials are eco-friendly.

Carnivale - Pastel Glass Pearl Beaded Bracelet Each piece of jewelry I create is completely handcrafted by me. While I design both macrame and beaded jewelry, I must admit that I prefer working on the knotted jewelry.

Flutter - Printed Wood Beaded Hemp Bracelet I also paint abstracts. I love the feeling of paint all over my hands and as such use only my hands to create my paintings.

Sea Monster - Peridot and Mother of pearl Necklace

So… Head over and check out their really cool shop!!


Cloud said...

Thanks so much for the feature!

Maiden Jane said...

Beautiful shop!

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