Monday, June 29, 2009

Pipey clip for Tressa

I made this pacifier clip for Tressa when we go camping. I ordered some of this printed webbing and it ended up being way thinner than I anticipated so instead of making her a belt I made this clip. It is a little stiff yet but I think will soften out with use. I plan to hook it to her leashed monkey so I can keep track of her and her pipe. I just sewed both ends instead of the velcro because it was easiest and the only one I will be using. Tressa likes the MAM brand pipes so they are easy to clip different ones into the holder. Well, better get back to packing as much as I can with a sick baby girl. She likes to be held!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My First Treasury

I happened to look at the Treasury this afternoon and saw that it was due to be open tonight. Since John was going to be gone til late I kept an eye on it and when it opened I was able to make one! I used local etsy shops that carried things in pink. My Favorites of course are ColorMeCute , Whimseyco, Mytwobabes, and TedandLucy (all friends who have etsy shops!)

Tressa's Smiles Make My Day!

What a goofy girl! Love her to pieces!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another Burp Cloth and as of yet...HOMELESS

So far, I have no idea where we are going to live. We have two more weeks in our house. We were going to camp at Holland State Park but Grandpa decided to cancel his lot so now we have no place to go!! AHHH. Oh, well, We can always camp in our parents driveway.

This burp cloth is for Jordan David Koole. I have not gotten around to seeing Tara yet so I have it tucked away and hopefully I get around to giving it to her soon!

The kids are driving me nuts this week on top of it all and I a ready for this all to be done. Its hard to know how much and what to pack if I am not sure if we have a house to move into or we are living in a trailer!

I am REALLY looking forward to church camping this year. I hope that it will just take my mind off of reality and just have some fun with some great families. Really needed to vent today, although I usually try not to, sometimes it does a soul good.

Amy is coming today to pick up the Jars and Red Wing towel then after that maybe we will go to the pool unless the boys really need a nap instead. I don't think John is going to be home very on time today so I would rather have them go to bed early so that means no nap!

I am almost finished with John's June e-newsletter. Since I got the template set up it is pretty easy as long as I have content. Usually the office designer sends me some content that is being used in the office magazine and that saves a lot of time.

Well, have a wonderful day, I need to clean the kitchen AGAIN and do some laundry and tons of ironing but most of the ironing is the new shirts I got yesterday. John took the boys to watch softball so I took Tressa to Holland and we went to the GAP outlet as well as Maurices, which we don't have in Grandville so that was a treat. I found some nice shirts (John hates my sloppy ones from Walmart for some reason!) and a skirt for church.

Wow, I little long winded today, but like I said, does a body good to get it out and John is probably sick of being the one to listen to me!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Itsy Bitsy Red Wing Fan

I recieved another custom order for a "Red Wings Fan" hooded towel. I did it a little bit differently and put the logo in the center. I think I like it even better. Either way, it will keep an itsy bitsy little Red Wings fan warm at the beach, at the pool, and after a bath. (even though they could not pull off the Stanley Cup! Yes, I actually watched my first game of the year, Game 7)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Summery Gifts in a Jar

What did I do last night while John had a council meeting? Made 36 Gifts in a Jar! I recieved an order for them from a former towel customer! She is giving them to those who helped her begin a new business venture as well as neighbors around her new office. She wanted a summery, beach theme and I found this wonderful bright umbrella fabric at Field's yesterday. I think they turned out really cute and I hope she does too!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Custom Sweatshirt!

I did a custom sweatshirt for a friend of a friend of my aunt. (how is that for twice removed!) It is a birthday gift for her daughter who specifically requested "BARN BUM" !!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Love Making Burp Cloths

There are so many possibilities that I could make a hundren burp cloths! I love using flannel becuase it is super soft but cotton works really well too. The Blue Stripe is flannel (Field's Fabrics is getting more and more flannel prints in many bright colors) on Gerber 6 ply cloth diaper which are my favorite to work with. The Firedog one is soooo cute and is made with cotton fabric on Gerber Birdseye cloth diaper. The striped ribbon ones were made by Katie and I just embroidered the names on them for her, also a great idea with the ribbon.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

One of John's clients recently had a baby. I made this hooded towel and burp cloth combo for them.

Monday, June 15, 2009

New Grandville Babies

Congrats to Amanda, Lindsey, and Crystal (and hubbies) !!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

We're BACK!

All in all we had a wonderful vacation. It was a little cold and rainy but the kids don't mind at all. We did go mini golfing one night and the boys LOVED it, of course. We also took a trek up to the lighthouse. I got an ok picture with them on the tree stump, mostly because they couldn't get off themselves! We did tons of bike riding, hiking and of course trips to the candy store. We went to House of Flavors after mini golf for icecream. Matthew always gets Superman and Michael always picks out some yellow cake with sprinkles kind, neither look very appetizing to me. I took some landscape pictures that will look really neat with some Picnik editing. Someday when we get a house of our own again, I would like to get them blown up for wall pictures. The one below is how our week was, cloudy, dreary, and COLD!!! Now I just have another day of laundry ahead of me but if is worth it to get away for a whole week and not have to think about all of the work/packing that has to be done. I have returned with a fresh and bright perspective on things, hopefully it lasts!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Two Little Monkeys....

sitting on the table. Apparently we don't need chairs anymore. Matthew is doing his letter of the day ("P" in this case) and Tressa decided to just get what she wanted and crawling on the table is the best way.

Here is another one of the towels I made for Chloe. I really can't figure out how to photograph these kind very cute. I used a beach towel that I had done already and added a hood just like a did to the U of M one. I really shows off the fabric, which is one of my favorites.

Well, it is goodbye for now as a continue to pack for camping. We are leaving tomorrow morning and I feel like I still have a ton to do. I would love to have the house sort of clean for when I get home but I don't know if that is going to happen. Graduation tonight too, I think John is staying home with the kids and I will go by myself since it is my sister. I am actually looking forward to the quiet time.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Entrusted with Keys?

My husband is prone to losing things. His stylus for his phone, his actual phone (periodically), his wedding ring (fortunately was found again) his orthodics (not found), and the list goes on! He was entrusted with three keys for a client who is returning home today to their new house. Well, it made me tremendously nervous, him carrying around three loose keys, so I made a quick key fob with cotton webbing, ribbon and heat bond (I know, I usually sew but there wasn't time!). So far, so good, we still have all three keys and he is dropping them off today, with a super cool key chain to boot. I am considering making some with either labels of RE/MAX Lifestyles on them in red and blue or in green and black (his personal logo). May be a good advertising opportunity although John is not totally sold on the whole idea. I, on the other hand, just love to make them so it sounds good to me!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Can't say no to a return Customer!

Here is Tressa, who decided that she should be the one to write the grocery/camping list. "And mom, stop bothering me. I can do it by myself." She doesn't say a word, yet the whole world practically revolves around her!
I really am not doing any custom work right now as I am playing catch up and pack up! But..... a return customer contacted me to make some hooded towels for her daughter and I just couldn't resist. Here is just one of them that I finished tonight. I had to post it right away because I LOVE it!

P.S. Also finished Landon's towel. I want to post it sooo bad but I am going to try to wait until I give it to Amanda. (Hint: I matched it to her nursery photos on facebook)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Vacation from Vacation!

I have been a little MIA in the blogging and etsy world lately. We have sold our house and on top of that we are going camping on Saturday. SOOO, I have been super busy with packing and laundry and cleaning. (oh, don't forget the kids, who have been extra naughty lately) We are going to be spending the week at Ludington State Park. We plan to go fishing with the boys, bike riding, beachbumming and a bunch of other stuff. Thankfully we are far enough away that we get Daddy all to ourselves for a few days! We are all looking forward to it that is for sure.

Congrats to Nick and Amanda who had a baby boy on Saturday. I will be posting some pics in the coming weeks of his baby gift. I already have some ideas!
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