Thursday, October 22, 2009

Christmas Alert ~ Cool New Shop

I came across this shop in the forums a week or so ago when looking for new shops. Here is a one of a kind gift if I ever saw one from ToBoldlyFold. Here is some explaination:
After years of using mass produced sketchbooks, I found that I was never satisfied with the paper quality, no matter how beautiful or well constructed the book may have been. I finally found a paper that could withstand everything from ink and heavy erasure to the finest details of a perfectionist's pen.

Every book in the Cypress Collection is made with this very same high-quality, acid-free, 170g paper. I tear the sections down by hand from 26" x 40" sheets, producing 64 pages (128 sides).The books are bound to genuine leather covers using only Irish linen thread. Due to the type of binding, these books lie flat when open. I cut the leather down myself from full hides to insure the best fit and feel for each book. For closures, I use vintage buttons that I have collected during my travels and have purchased from other Etsy sellers.


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