Monday, October 5, 2009

Hair Bow Holder

I know that there are a thousand tutorials for these revamped frame hair bow holders but wanted to show you mine. On Saturday, I found a frame for 6.99 at Goodwill, used some leftover fabric and paint for the frame ( pink of course) from my stash and some 50% off ribbon from Hobby Lobby. I plan to use it at the craft show for the flower clips I made and I will use it for Tressa’s bows before and after that.


Here is the GORGEOUS Picture I found at Goodwill.


The only supplies I needed, plus a glue gun.


The finished product.


The finished frame. I wanted to still be able to see the detail so I did a paint treatment that only partially covered.


SilvanArt said...

Very nice. I like the paint treatment on the frame. It's amazing the stuff you can fine at the thrift store! :)

Maiden Jane said...

Very cute!

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