Thursday, October 15, 2009

PIFF ~ Pay if Forward Friday ~ Everyday Diamonds

Today’s PIFF is from Everyday Diamonds. Here is a little bit about them and their shop: edblog

Everyday Diamonds is collaboratively run by two sisters--Jess (me) and Robin (my sister)! We both love giving and receiving handmade items, and the time we get to spend together working on our products.edblog2

Robin makes the purses and bangles, and Jess makes the eco-jewelry and flower brooches and hair clips. Everyday Diamonds will be adding a new section to the shop in a few weeks: RINGS!edblog1

You can also read Robin's blog, A Handmade Revolution: or follow Jess on Twitter at .edblog4

Everyday Diamonds PIFF item is this beautiful Midnight Venue Bracelet!. piffedblog

All of the beads on this ecofriendly. Midnight Venue bracelet is made from recycled newspaper. The newspaper is broken down, shaped into beads, drilled, sanded, painted, and polished!
This piece is made from 10 ecofriendly black beads and pink buttons! The beads and buttons are strung on a bright pink ribbon. Midnight Venue closes with a button clasp and measures about 9 inches

As always, First Come First Served!!! There is only ONE!edblog3 If you would like to be featured on PIF Friday, leave a comment or email me.


The Royal Family said...

how does this work? I want to be featured

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