Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Packing/Shipping Process

Ever wonder what my packaging looks like? Well, today, I took some picture of what I do every Tuesday and Thursday. Why those days? Because I have to bring Matthew to Preschool and that is really close to the post office, plus, we are already out, which is half of the battle with three little kids.

004After finishing my towel, I first take some pictures. I post them on Flickr and convo the buyer with the link so they can check it out and see how it turned out. I also like to have pictures so that others can get ideas.

006Then I fold and pack them in tissue paper lined box so when you open it it is like a special gift.

007Of course I have to add a postcard thank-you and a business card. Take a good look because I have new and different business cards ordered as well as a new postcard thank-you design.

001Last of all we go to the post office. I have needed some help the last couple times since I have been so busy, so Tressa and Michael help with the box carrying. In this picture, Tressa is carrying Jessica's PIFF Win Towels and Magnets. Today was the day after a holiday (Columbus Day) and so the post office was super busy. The kids were running everywhere!!!

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Tina said...

Nice to have your little helpers--cute! :) Just found your link on Twitter.

Mandy said...

Cute stuff! 'Love your shop, and I can totally identify with little ones running around the PO... the workers must see me coming and run! =) Would love to maybe do a swap or something sometime~ I'll be in touch! have a great day!

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