Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Forum Find ~ White Earth Studio

Toda'y’s Forum Find is WhiteEarthStudio. I was amazed at the beautiful shop and all of the hand-built porcelain pottery. Here is a little about the artist:wesbanner

White Earth, a series of porcelain vessels, is a homage to my childhood in the Dakotas, its visual images and memories. It is a deep respect, a bowing down to the earth where I have experienced it.wes
Walking the freshly plowed fields as a child, I would find fossils, shells and arrowheads heads. I have renewed and extended my fascination with these shapes. I have discovered new connections between the prairie (once an inland sea) and the ocean. Like the prairie and the sea, my pieces display hues against large neutral backgrounds - a touch of pink or a glint of pearl - finding a prairie rose in a otherwise green meadow, or a single shell on a stretch of sand. wes2
White Earth comes from some part of me that works unconsciously, a part that reaches down into my memories. White Earth comes from that private part of me, and I hope it will touch that part in others.wes3

I have worked with porcelain ceramics for thirty years and have not come close to exploring all of the organic themes and inspiration I find in the beauty, mystery and wonder of the natural world.

    wes4 Go check out the shop, there is so many more beautiful pieces that it is hard to capture it here!


M.M.E. said...

Gorgeous ceramics. I especially enjoy the last one. It's great to see how it will interact with an actual plant. Thank you for following my blog!

Boutique By Bonnie said...

Wow, I just love pottery and these pieces are beautiful!

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