Wednesday, September 16, 2009

TuTu Couture!!

Couture: Couture fashion is considered the height of fashion elegance. Thus TuTu Couture must be the height of fashion elegance for babies! I origionally learned how to make tutus from this tutorial on YouTube. I absolutely love making super girly things so when a former neighbor called up and asked me to make a couple for her girls for their pictures, of course I said YES! We went with hot pink and I added daisies which I first took apart and redid the center (they were yellow and it stuck out like a sore thumb) I just bunched a piece of tule up, added a bead and sewed them all together. In most tutorials it says to use four yards but I figure, if you are going to wear a tutu, you MUST go all the way so I use any were between 8 and 10 yards per tutu. I have it tied with a wide satin bow and made some matching hair clips with the same flowers. Maybe a little large for everyday hair wear but seriously, you are wearing a huge poof of tule, you can get away with a little larger hair accessory! If you have a little girl or know someone who does, you HAVE TO TRY THIS. It pretty much only requires a scissors and some knowledge of a slipknot!


Portable Graffiti said...

This is the most beautiful blog I have ever seen.

Can you tell me how to put my own background on my blog?


Becky DeVries said... here is the link for the backgrounds, directions are very easy, I did it and have to former experience in blog design! Thanks Becky

Portable Graffiti said...

Thanks Becky. I'll go check it out.

What I;d like is to put my own background on my blog. A page full of buttons like on my Twiiter.

Do you know if that is possible?

I'm off to see this link. Thank you so much!

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