Thursday, September 24, 2009

Birthday Treat Day!

002We are bringing Matthew’s Birthday Treat to School today!! He is super excited too. We made these for about $1 per person and he has 11 kids in his class. Included Sidewalk Chalk from Hobby Lobby and pencil, Play-doh (fake brand), sucker, and treat bags from the Dollar Store. I used my new paper punch for the tags with the kids names on them. I also took along these Gifts in a Jar for the teacher and her helper.

P.S. Using Live Writer again today, It auto posts to Twitter every time I publish something . (BONUS!!) I can also switch between my blog and my husbands with just one click.  Oh, and you can pick if you want your picture inline, left wrapped, right text wrapped or center. (way easier than blogger)


Jen said...

What a cute blog you have and SUPER cute crafts and gifts! I noticed that you are my newest follower, so I wanted to say hi and welcome!!

Hope your little one had a great birthday!!

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