Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jackpot Satuday!!!

I visited Hudsonville Fairgrounds Craft Show this morning. I have bought from this elderly gentleman before for the boys, (little cars and planes) and have seen these handmade doll beds and today I finally decided to get one. When we finally get around to buying a house and moving, I want to paint it and make bedding, but for now at least I have it! On the way home I stopped at a Church sale and found this embroidered dress/kimono type fro $.50 (yep fifty CENTS). I see a ton of potential in repurposing this, I will just have to wait for a super good idea!
At the church sale, I also got all of these random craft supplies for $2.00! I am sure they will go into my craft supply tote but someday I may really find a good use for them. The prices were too good to pass up!

From the craft show I got a stack of business cards, all with websites, a lot with etsy shops. I cannot wait to check out the local artist and maybe do some shop reviews/spotlight of the local etsians!

I went to the craft show with the intention of buying hairbows for Tressa, but when it came right down to it, I couldn't spent the $6-7 on a set so I passed and I will have another go at it myself. Tressa really needs some brown and black to match her winter clothes. Well, I had a wonderful morning, Grandpa took Matthew so I only have two kids at home. I already made Brownie Icecream Cake this morning to take to friends' house tonight sooo... Now, TO IRONING!!


Unknown said...

You are making me want to leave the house right now and go yard sale shopping. Love the cards and bed.

Carrie said...

Found you on Etsy... love your blog!

I love posting my thrifty finds, too. LOVE that embroidered dress!

Kristin said...

I see a card in there for Rylee's Collection! She makes a lot of my girl's hair bows, and I just love the cuteness and quality! Definately worth the money!!!
What a fun Saturday you had!

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