Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another Burp Cloth and as of yet...HOMELESS

So far, I have no idea where we are going to live. We have two more weeks in our house. We were going to camp at Holland State Park but Grandpa decided to cancel his lot so now we have no place to go!! AHHH. Oh, well, We can always camp in our parents driveway.

This burp cloth is for Jordan David Koole. I have not gotten around to seeing Tara yet so I have it tucked away and hopefully I get around to giving it to her soon!

The kids are driving me nuts this week on top of it all and I a ready for this all to be done. Its hard to know how much and what to pack if I am not sure if we have a house to move into or we are living in a trailer!

I am REALLY looking forward to church camping this year. I hope that it will just take my mind off of reality and just have some fun with some great families. Really needed to vent today, although I usually try not to, sometimes it does a soul good.

Amy is coming today to pick up the Jars and Red Wing towel then after that maybe we will go to the pool unless the boys really need a nap instead. I don't think John is going to be home very on time today so I would rather have them go to bed early so that means no nap!

I am almost finished with John's June e-newsletter. Since I got the template set up it is pretty easy as long as I have content. Usually the office designer sends me some content that is being used in the office magazine and that saves a lot of time.

Well, have a wonderful day, I need to clean the kitchen AGAIN and do some laundry and tons of ironing but most of the ironing is the new shirts I got yesterday. John took the boys to watch softball so I took Tressa to Holland and we went to the GAP outlet as well as Maurices, which we don't have in Grandville so that was a treat. I found some nice shirts (John hates my sloppy ones from Walmart for some reason!) and a skirt for church.

Wow, I little long winded today, but like I said, does a body good to get it out and John is probably sick of being the one to listen to me!


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