Saturday, June 13, 2009

We're BACK!

All in all we had a wonderful vacation. It was a little cold and rainy but the kids don't mind at all. We did go mini golfing one night and the boys LOVED it, of course. We also took a trek up to the lighthouse. I got an ok picture with them on the tree stump, mostly because they couldn't get off themselves! We did tons of bike riding, hiking and of course trips to the candy store. We went to House of Flavors after mini golf for icecream. Matthew always gets Superman and Michael always picks out some yellow cake with sprinkles kind, neither look very appetizing to me. I took some landscape pictures that will look really neat with some Picnik editing. Someday when we get a house of our own again, I would like to get them blown up for wall pictures. The one below is how our week was, cloudy, dreary, and COLD!!! Now I just have another day of laundry ahead of me but if is worth it to get away for a whole week and not have to think about all of the work/packing that has to be done. I have returned with a fresh and bright perspective on things, hopefully it lasts!


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