Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Great Grandkids Photo Book

It was my Opa's (dutch for Grandpa, yes, they are straight off the boat) Birthday on Apirl 1. I, together with help from cousins and aunts, made this photo book of all the GreatGrandkids for him. I did it on Snapfish and then sent the order to the Meijer photo center. Not only did I save almost $20 by doing so (the book cost less and I didn't have to pay shippin), it also was ready in about 12 hours! I did two page spreads on each greatgrandkid and also one page spreads on each family. I had a couple pages left over so I did a spread on Opa and Oma holding the kids, and also an "I Love You" Page. Opa loved the book, he said that this was the kind of present he likes to get. I think that if you want to give a gift that shows thought, time, effort, and heart, give a custom personalized gift.


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