Thursday, April 2, 2009

Beach Day!

I received a custom request for a personalized beach towel from a grandma at church. Her only granddaughter is in California and I bet she misses her a lot! She probably gets to use the beach towel much more over there than we do here in Michigan. This is the second personalized beach towel I have done and I will probably add names to my kids' beach towels that they already have. The neighbor also wants her kids' towels personalized after she finds ones that match their suits! It is a pretty nice day today and it makes me long for spring and warm weather and camping. Oh, and garage sales! I hit my very first one of the year this morning and found new fabric yardage and remnants which will go into my stash and wait for just the right use. There is some flowered fabric that I am very tempted to sew onto some burpclothes I have. I know they would be cute!
P.S. Don't forget to register for mytwobabes giveaway, ends friday!


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