Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sprucing the Master

100_3990  My bedroom is RARELY this neat, so when it was I thought I better capture the moment. 100_3984 Hobby Lobby just got this new gray chevron print in and the instant I saw it (or is it seen??? who know) I grabbed it a bought a bunch. I was hesitant to add gray with my blue and brown but I loved it so much I just went for it. (This cedar chest is my pride and joy, it is over 100 years old and used to belong to my great grandmother. It is such a classic piece that it matches almost exactly my headboard that we bought brand new only a year ago) 100_3985 On the wall I tried to tie in all the colors. Hopefully this summer when we get family pictures I can get a new frame/picture with the whole family but for now our wedding picture will have to do. 100_3986 I found a plain canvas and some wood numbers/letters (only available at Michael’s as far as I can tell and you have to buy a huge bag of them too) to make the wedding date (some paint and a sponge brush does the rest) . The cute little birdie is from Everlasting Blooms and the & is of course from Hobby Lobby as well. It came in a gold color only so I sponged some brown on top to take the edge off. 100_3987 I used pillows I already had and then added a couple gray ones as well. 100_3989 Ok, maybe its a little over the top in the pillow department but this way I could tie in all the fabrics/prints that I wanted:)


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