Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Car seat Covers….Again

As you may or may not remember, quite some time ago I made a very crude car seat cover for my daughter.

Well, yesterday she finally got a booster that I found at a garage sale, it was in pretty much perfect condition except for the seat cushion which was pretty stained looking. So in literally 15 minutes this came together – very basic sewing knowledge only!!! I used the old seat cushion and just covered it with a piece of fabric, sewed overtop of the seam lines down the center and added binding on the edges – done!


I took off the old girly seat cover and was still left with this very dirty car seat that now needs to be used for Ethan.

I have had some practice since my first attempt on this infant car seat:

I took it apart and added new fabric and put it back together again using a tutorial for guidance.

I learned a few things in the process and this one turned out almost perfectly (and I didn’t have to do a canopy)




I used a nice dark navy blue for the center so it doesn’t show too much dirtiness and some sock monkey fabric that is new from Hobby Lobby. I also used grosgrain ribbon for the binding on the edges to finish it off. It went much faster this time and I LOVE how it turned out!!


Anonymous said...
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Kristin said...

great job Becky! i love them both, but that monkey fabric is too cute!! pretty sure your kids are perfectly safe w/ the new fabric on them too! :)

trolley jacks said...

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Unknown said...

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