Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Packaging and Branding

I decided to invest in a custom stamp with my shop name on it. I did some searching around and settled on StampOutOnline on Etsy. She made me this super cool stamp and although I had no idea what I was doing, she recommended the clear block and I cannot thank her enough. It has made is soooo much easier to use and position. 013While some other sellers charged extra for proofs and extra for clear blocks and had over a four week turnaround, LIsa from StampOutOnline sent over a proof after my first inquiry after I only asked for a price on a custom stamp. I was immediately hooked since I was having a hard time with the black and white images that the others requested (me and graphics do not get along that well:) I was able to request a couple of changes and got the perfect design. Not to mention above all, I received the stamp within a week of purchase and it only took that long because it was the weekend and Columbus day!!! So…since I love instant gratification I LOVE this seller. 012Here is some things that I used my stamp for already. Some paper bags that I will be using for my kitchen towels at a upcoming home show. 020   I make circle labels/tags with a circle punch and my stamp, labels like these cost upwards of $20 for 100 and I just made 125 with some leftover cardstock and can make infinite more!!!014Also stamped some gift bags and some small pillow boxes for my small hair flowers. 017 019 Just in case you wondered, I got all of the bags and boxes from Labels By The Sheet, I site that sells tons of labels but also bags and boxes. All of these were on clearance and were just cents a piece!


Unknown said...

Your stamp looks GREAT - and thanks so much for recommending the Etsy seller.

OregonPatchWorks said...

Nice Packing and gift bags.. and idea of stamping is good, one can purchase the bags and then can make it according to own brand :)

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