Monday, November 9, 2009

NEED advice!!

I purchased a bracelet through alchemy on Etsy. I sent the seller the beads to make it since I already had bought them but couldn't make anything that was passable (I don't DO jewelry at ALL).

Well, anyway, I have not heard hide nor tail of this girl since she said she recieved the beads. I have convoed, emailed and filed a non-delivery claim with Etsy. I have been patient becuase I did not want to loose my beads (they were not cheap!) It has been two months and NOTHING!!

I didn't realize how long it had been, now it is too late for paypal claim. This was supposed to be a special Mother's Bracelet with my kids' names ont them and now I have nothing!! I can't post on Forums becuase that would be "calling out" but I don't know what to do! The seller has 100% feedback but has not updated shop in over a month and is just MIA!!

So, any suggestions on what I can do?


Jennifer @ The Craft House said...

With a 100% feedback rating, I can only suggest that something may have happened and bogged her life down.

But then there is the other end of the spectrum where she may have just run off with your beads.

I have never filed a non-delivery with Etsy, have you heard back from them or however that goes?

I suggest trying to be patient, although this women messed up your plans for this Mother's Day, it is always possible to give it to her for her birthday or next Mother's Day.

This situation sucks, plain and clear.

Good luck!

The Royal Family said...

I think if you dont get it soon and you cant leave nasty feedback I would be posting her name on here so we can help contact her, I think she will respond. But yes there is a chance something happened but you can only wait so long!

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