Saturday, August 1, 2009

(another) Diaper Bag for Tressa

I bought this fabric last year and finally got around to making this bag. I tried a new font called "love letter" with hearts built into each of the letters. It ended up taking over an hour to get her name done with each letter averaging 7-8 minutes. I do NOT plan on using this one again, just too time consuming1 I also added a flower to it that I seen at Field's Fabric on a little girl dress (that I have the pattern for but ...) I sort of winged it and it turned out cute.

All it did was use my wave rotary cutter and cut circles that slowly got smaller. I used pink, purple and the print I used on the bag. Inbetween the fabric circles I added little bits of tulle that I have left over from making Tressa's tutu. (which happened to be the exact colors of the print) I threaded them all on the needle and added a flower shaped button on top and whazaa! not too bad!


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