Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Light Purple Isabella with Pink and Purple Flowered Ribbon, definitely girl! The Curlz font is very popular for the girl, that's for sure!
This lime green towel I did for an order from the craft show, the bright flowered ribbon on the lime green turned out great. Thanks Sara

I added a hood to this beach towel for a son of a Michigan who lives out west. I never tire of Maize and Blue!

Also a craft show order, a grandma requested a "Red Wings Fan" Towel for a grandchild to be born in July to super Red Wings Fan parents. I was not able to find fabric but I did find these logos from an online collectible distributer. (I don't have a TV so I pay little to no attention to sports but from the mumblings of my husband, apparentely the Wings are doing well?!?)

One of my favorites again, I love chocolate brown (so do a lot of people, it rivals pink for a top seller). I works for either girl or boy. This one is especially cute becuase I know my boys would love it. What little boy doesn't like basketball (or "hoop ball" as my boys call it!)

Thought I would give a sampleing of some of the towels that I have finished in the last week or two. Only a few times have I ever done the same looking towel, everyone always comes up with a new design, and they are always cute! Talking of cute (ok, maybe I am a little biased but...) Rochelle posted Tressa's pictures and they are amazing. She did a wonderful job, maybe she will let me post a couple some time!


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